Oracle HRMS: Cannot delete an employee – Assignment Extra Information Exists

Issue: User cannot delete an employee record on HRMS People Enter and Maintain screen as there are assignment extra information exists for the employee.

Solution: Use API to delete assignment extra information for the employee.

/* Formatted on 2014/04/23 09:50 (Formatter Plus v4.8.8) */
   l_extra_info_id   NUMBER;
   l_obj_num         NUMBER;
   SELECT assignment_extra_info_id, object_version_number
     INTO l_extra_info_id, l_obj_num
     FROM per_assignment_extra_info
    WHERE assignment_id = (SELECT DISTINCT assignment_id
                                      FROM per_all_assignments_f
                                     WHERE assignment_number = &p_asg_num);

                               (p_assignment_extra_info_id      => l_extra_info_id,
                                p_object_version_number         => l_obj_num

Go to HRMS Manager > People > Enter and Maintain

Query the employee record and delete it.

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