BIPublisher – Output file was found but is zero sized – Deleted

Issue Created RTF template for the report using BI Publisher Desktop Had to download  BI Publisher Desktop 11g to work on Oracle Fusion Reports Now, when I change the EBS RTF using  BI Publisher Desktop 11g, the program has Completed

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OA Frawework – External LOV

In this post, we will discuss about implementing an External LOV in OAF. To understand the implementation better, please have a look at the diagram below.   As shown in the diagram, we create a LOV Region in the project

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Oracle HR – Person Details Tables.

The indicative details of all persons are stored in table PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F. This table stores the historic and current information of the employee based on the Date track mode used during the record updates. Tables below present the same data, but

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Oracle HR – Date Tracking

Date tracking in Oracle E-business is a mechanism to store data based on dates. This helps storage of historical data along with current data in the system. The date tracked tables in Oracle end with ‘_F’ and have columns EFFECTIVE_START_DATE

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Execution Plans

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Oracle HR – Script for Adding phone details for Employees

The requirement was to add phone details ( Work phone number, work mobile number) a list of employees. We have implemented this using hr_phone_api Process Steps: 1. Create a temp table CREATE TABLE load_phone_temp AS SELECT parent_id,phone_number work_phone,phone_number mobile_phone FROM

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Oracle Payroll – P45 Reversal

Customer reverse a P45 which was issued in error. This can be done using ‘GB Rollback’ Concurrent Program Navigation Path: Payroll > View > Requests > Submit a Request Concurrent Program: GB Rollback Parameters: Year Process Type: Magnetic Report Payroll

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Oracle HRMS: Cannot delete an employee – Assignment Extra Information Exists

Issue: User cannot delete an employee record on HRMS People Enter and Maintain screen as there are assignment extra information exists for the employee. Solution: Use API to delete assignment extra information for the employee. /* Formatted on 2014/04/23 09:50

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Querying date tracked views – Oracle

When we try to query pay_balance_feeds_v on TOAD, but did not get any rows. SELECT * FROM pay_balance_feeds_v This is because the view ( most of the views in Oracle HR/Payroll) are date tracked, which means the data can only

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SELECT FOR UPDATE statement allows us to lock the records in the cursor result set. The lock will be released when a transaction control statement like ROLLBACK/COMMIT is executed. CURSOR cursor_name IS select_statement FOR UPDATE [of column_list] [NOWAIT]; WHERE CURRENT OF is

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